Screen Enclosure Rebuild in Southwest Florida

Gail Breton came to us because she needed her hurricane-damaged screen enclosure rebuilt. Concerned about the unique octagon shape affecting rainwater disbursement, our experts excelled in finding a solution.

Our team of installers did an exceptional job pitching the elite roof to allow water to flow away from the main house and strategically attached the seamless gutters so water flowed away from the screen room for efficient rain management . Our installers built the screen room at 17′ x 10′ x 9′ using bronze aluminum with 18/14 charcoal screen and installed a 36” x 80” screen door.

Gail is very impressed with the professionalism of our work and is very happy with the outcome, leading to more future referrals.

Project Features

  • Hurricane Resilience: Enhanced durability to withstand severe weather, ensuring long-term integrity.
  • Water Management Efficiency: Strategic gutter installation and elite roof design for optimal water flow and rain gutter efficiency.
  • Custom Design Adaptability: Ability to tailor solutions to unique structural designs, preserving aesthetic and functional value.
  • Quality Materials: Use of Insulated Elite Panels, high-grade bronze aluminum, and Phifer charcoal screen for durability and visual appeal.
  • Professional Installation: Expert team delivering seamless installation of screen enclosures, elite paneling,  and gutters, ensuring customer satisfaction and structural efficacy.